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Know These Things Before Starting A Home Business
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Know These Things Before Starting A Home Business

3 Things You'll Wish You Knew Before Starting A Home Business
Top 3 Things to know before opening a home business

Know These Things Before Starting A Home Business

Here are the top three things I wish I knew before starting to work from home


  • Start your business on the side in the beginning. There is no need to add financial issues to an already stressful situation
  • Create a list of products or services that you offer and stick to them, at least at first. You can always expand later
  • Decide what your hours of operation are and do not deviate from them
  • Set expectations right from the beginning. People are usually fine if you don’t offer a particular item or service as long as they know right away
  • Create a contract for all services and be sure to have all clients sign before doing any of the work
  • Enlist the help of friends and family

  • Do not get caught in negotiations about price. Unless this is customary in your industry, simply let clients know the price is non-negotiable. Sell on value rather than price
  • Avoid lowering your prices just because you’re a new business. A great service at a fair price should be offered instead
  • Research what other similar businesses in your area are charging. Being far above or far below average can send potential clients a red flag
  • Do offer specials or discounts when appropriate. Include contests on social media or special discounts for veterans to show community involvement

  • BE SURE you have the proper certificates, licenses, and knowledge for the industry you are going into. Word of mouth can make or break your new business
  • Join groups or online forums that pertain to your industry. Learn from other people’s experiences. You’ll find that most people are more than happy to share with you what they know
  • Stay informed about new technology, trends, rules and regulations regarding your industry
  • Create your online presence. You’ll need a website and social media platforms specifically for your business. Make sure to post regularly
  • Do not offer services that you are not skilled in
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