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Ready for a Transaction Coordinator? We'll handle your files your files so you can focus on growing your business. Sign up today for $50 off first file.
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O C Transaction Coordinators

Real Estate Transaction Coordinators

Commit to growing your real estate business this year. We’ll handle the rest.

Open A File


  • Transaction Coordination

    We will guide your transaction from open of escrow to closing. Everything from paperwork to ordering reports and inspections, we handle the small details

  • Listing Services

    Our goal is to manage and track all of your client files, taking on all of the administrative tasks. This allows you the time you need to employ new clients and grow your business

  • File Review

    If you enjoy handling your files personally, but still want to ensure a compliant, organized file, we can do a thorough review for you. We alleviate commission delays and audit issues before they happen.

  • Micro Services

    Introducing Micro Services! You can pick what services you need and what services you don't. Control your office expenses by only delegating certain tasks on your list.

Effortless Transition

Effortless Transition

We apply a simple, yet efficient method to transaction management.  Our goal is to free up your time while also giving you peace of mind that tasks are being handled the way you would expect.  We’ll keep an eye on the small details while you remain in full control of your file.  We’re flexible, so if you need help with something other than the files you currently have in escrow, just ask.  Chances are, we can help.
Flexible Process

Flexible Process

Our process is most known for its flexibility.  What this means is, we’re able to adapt to your current workflow, or help you build one from scratch. After a short time, you’re able to focus more on client interactions and less on paperwork.  This winning combination gives you the advantage and ensures your client’s satisfaction.
Workload Balance

Workload Balance

Of course OC Transaction Coordinators can help you with the files you have in escrow.  But while others usually stop there, we offer help with a variety of other administrative tasks that accumulate within your agency.  Our goal is to provide services that help you grow your business by venturing outside the boundaries of a checklist.


Convenient and Available
Timeline Reminders
Numerous Hours Saved
Increased Client Satisfaction
See Increased Referrals
Two TC's To Help You
Helpful Contact Liaison
No Minimums Required
Flexible And Adaptive Process
You're Paid On Time
Positive ``Can-Do`` Attitude
No Fee For Cancellations





No Cancellation Fee

Dual Agent Transactions

Are Subject To Additional Fee


No Cancellation Fee

We Do Not Offer Negotiations 

for Short Sale


No Cancellation Fee

Dual Agent Transactions

Are Subject To Additional Fee

FSBO - $750

No Cancellation Fee

Dual Agent Transactions

Are Subject To Additional Fee




Contract Review
Client Friendly Timeline
Contact List
Automated Reminders
TC Introductions


Seller Disclosure Packets
Buyer Disclosure Packets
Request For Repairs
Prepare Other Documents Upon Request


Order Repairs
Order Inspections
Home Warranty
Contingency Removals
FHA VA Requirements
Misc. Contractual Requirements


Fully Executed Instructions
Fully Executed Opening
Commission Instructions
Create CDA
Assist With HOA
Misc. Escrow Requirements


Schedule Signings/Mobile Notary
Meet Lender Requirements
Meet Individual Broker Requirements
Fulfill Agent Specific Requirements


Complete, Compliant File
Personalized Checklist
Upload To Your Transaction Mgmt System
File Retention

We’d Love To Hear From You


We’d love to hear from you.  From questions to scheduling a call back, we’re here to help!

Sign up today and get $50 off your first transaction!!

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Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinators

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